Fabulous Fusion!

What do you get when you fuse the painting style of Wassily Kandinsky with Gustav Klimt? These fabulous multicolour-spotted watercolour trees of course. 
The students chose to do either 1 or 2 colour washes, then boldly painted in their trees (no pencils necessary). This created organic and unique shapes. Concentric circles in oil pastel finished them off. What a plethora of art elements and principles explored, as well as a great intro to the technical skills of watercolours and pastels.
These are done by grade 4 students
 Art Elements explored…shape, colour & value

 Art principles of good composition…balance, repetition, variety & unity

Talked about so many things…horizon line, visible brushstrokes, contrast...

 I know, I know, I added so many pictures but they all turned out so beautifully.