This mural is 8x20' long. Each student (and teacher) painted one tile that was later incorporated into the overall mural design.

Spring Finally!

I can hardly wait to fill up and plug in my water feature! I painted the tree onto large fence boards and my son and husband did all the actual work of install. :)

Brightview Mural

This huge tree mural was done with K-6 students and teachers at Brightview Elementary school. I designed the tree and they adorned the tree with lovely, colourful leaves.


8 x 18 foot mural
This project was recently completed at Mount Royal School. It is 18 feet long at 8 feet high and has taken up quite a bit of space in the library. Each student did a clay piece which was then attached (with the help of my trusty assistant, Rosemary) to the painted mural background.
A handful of teachers helped me paint the background that I designed for the clay pieces.
I think it looks quite amazing.


Butterflies in clay
This project is perfect for Ks and Grade 1s. Great for Mother's Day gifts too. We used clay stamps to make awesome decorations that are highlighted by the two colour washes with acrylic paint.

clay bird jewelry holder

Grade 5 & 6 "puzzle box" birds in clay

These birds are a lovely Mother's Day gift. They open up to reveal a wee storage area in their bellies perfect for mom's jewelry or other treasures.